Friday, October 8, 2010


Life is such a funny thing sometimes. We have things planned out and often they do not go as planned. One of those things for me right now is the Chicago Marathon. I was all pumped in the Spring to have a great year of running and was going to train really hard for the race with hopes of making it to Boston. Back in May I injured my calf and was out for a while. Then one thing or another happened and I kind of enjoyed not making running a priority in my life. Then Labor Day weekend came and I got a concussion that is still leaving me with headaches . Staring at a computer screen all day at work leaves me wanting to go home and lay down with my eyes shut for awhile. So I made the decision to not run the marathon. I have race envy of those who are running it, but I know that I made the right decision.

And in the land of Ann Arbor, everyone is gearing up for the big game this weekend....UofM vs. MSU. My ex-husband & I always had season tickets and every Saturday in the fall was a big football day. If it was a home game we would shop the night before and have everything all packed and ready to go for the morning. We would be up at least by 7am so we could be in line to park on the golf course at 8am. We would tailgate until game time (usually noon but sometimes even later). Then came the game, the drive back home fighting traffic from one part of town to the other. It would take everything out of you and the evening would be spent on the couch watching the other big games of day. Sometimes I miss it, like right now, when I know that both teams are heading into this game undefeated. And the weather is supposed to be beautiful. But I'm thankful that I have so much more free time now that I don't participate in this American ritual. Tomorrow morning I can wake up when I want and head out for a run. I can watch the game on my couch and not have to worry about how long the dog has been left at home. I won't be stressed or irritated about having to fight traffic once the game is over. But I will be watching and cheering the Wolverines on - Go Blue!