Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Resolutions

I don't normally set New Year Resolutions but I decided that I would set a few simple ones and see how it goes.

1. Take the stairs more
I work on the 5th floor of my building and I often just take the elevator up. Since the new year I have yet to take it and I've been making my way up & down the stairs.

2. Track my mileage. That's why it's been on the blog.

3. Drink more water. I've been keeping a water bottle at my desk and trying to remind myself to keep drinking it. Especially when I think I'm hungry.

4. Read one book at month. I just started reading The Namesake (again, I love that book).

5. Reduce salt intake. I like salt. A lot. So I'm trying to use spices more and salt less.

I skipped out on a run last night since I was sore, tired, & had a soccer game. I'm glad I did but I hate putting down a "0" for my daily mileage.

Wednesday's Miles: 0
Weekly Mileage: 18
Monthly Mileage: 18
Yearly Mileage: 18

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