Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Triple Fail

I had a great weekend that as usual went by way to fast! I relaxed at home Friday night before heading off to a 10:40pm soccer game. It was my third soccer game of the week and I was feeling it. It was a fun game that left me wired when I got home so I couldn't sleep right away. I had big plans with Big Red to get a long run in Saturday morning. We were aiming for 10 miles. As we got going, my shins were in so much pain that I was struggling big time. I stopped several times to stretch with hopes that the pain would go away. After about 3 miles, I just couldn't take it anymore and we changed our route and headed home. I think I ended up with 4.5 miles. This is fail one, I was really bummed about it. Luckily, I had a hair appointment that made me feel better and I decided to just be happy with the miles that I did get. After all, I did get a lot in last week. Maybe too much, too soon? Then later on in evening I headed to BR's house to make fake mustaches for my birthday party on the 21st (it's a mustache themed party). Lots of giggles ensued with that activity! Sunday was a planned day off. It was also Big Red's Bridal shower. She looked so pretty in her purple & white dress and the shower was short & sweet. The second fail came in last night...I had plans of running at the gym but I was stressing about getting packed for my trip this weekend and by the time I made dinner & had my clothes laid out, I was too exhausted to get a workout in. So I thought I'd go to bed early and lift in the morning and I couldn't get out of bed for that (fail #3). I guess sleep was calling me. So now it's time to regroup & make the best of time that I have this week...I'm heading to New York Thursday evening until Tuesday morning and I know my workouts will be slim to none while away.

Weekly Mileage: 0
Monthly Mileage: 26.50
Yearly Mileage: 26.50

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