Thursday, March 31, 2011

NYC, Part 4 Re-cap

New York was a blast as was expected. I feel so at home there. I went to my parents house after work on Friday & had dinner with my Dad. He made a delicious shrimp & scallop pasta. The scallops were so good, but I don't think they liked me so much. I had a belly ache for the rest of the night, well weekend but I can't blame the scallops for all of it. Anyway, after dinner my Dad dropped me off at the airport. For once my plane of time & we actually landed at LaGuardia 20 minutes early. Maura was waiting for me and we headed to her place to change before doing a little pub crawl. We ended up running into one of her friends who I had met before so we spent most of the evening chatting with him. On Saturday, we got up and headed to her gym to get a workout in. A late night and a slight hangover left us feeling sluggish but me managed to get a 30-minute run in. We stopped by the deli on the way home for sandwiches then plopped ourselves on her couch and watched "Country Strong". It was really good. Then it was off the New Meadowlands to watch the USA vs. Argentina soccer game. It was amazing! We had great seats and it was a good game that ended in a 1-1 tie. The way home was hot mess as we sat in traffic for 3 hours to go the 15 miles to get back to her place. We decided to call it a night after dealing with that. Sunday was another trip to the gym in the morning. Then we headed into the City to the Banc Cafe for "brunch". They have this fabulous drink called the Ruby Red Lemonade that you could get by the pitcher. Some friends of ours just so happened to be there so we joined them and had a few good laughs. Later on some more friends joined us and we just had a great time. I had an early morning flight home and had to be up at 4:30 to catch a cab to the airport. Luckily I had taken Monday off of work to catch up on sleep & get organized for the week. At least that was my plan. I ended up watching The Tourist instead of getting things done. Oh well!

Friday, March 25, 2011

NYC...part 4

(Maura & Me in NYC from my December trip)

Tonight after work I'm heading back to NYC. It will be my 4th trip in 4 months. They've all been good times, each trip better than the last. I'm not sure that the last trip can be topped but it will still be a blast.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moose & a Bridesmaid

Life has been oh so good lately. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it and appreciate how lucky I am. Here's a little recap of what I've been up to...

Last Thursday was St. Patrick's Day. Since I usually like to go all out for the St. Patrick's Day parade that is the Sunday before in Detroit, the actual day is much tamer for me. After work, I met up with the Northville Road Runners (NRR) and did our Thursday night 5.5 mile run. Then we all met up at the Northville Sports Den for some beer. The thought of green beer scares me so I went with one of my favorites....Guinness. I'm amused by the group that was there since most of them are men in their 60's. One of them was talking about some of the activities that the group does and mentioned the Moose. I got so excited, I've been trying to get information on becoming a member of the Moose. Mostly, because it's one of my favorite animals and how cool would it be to say I was a Moose. I know, I'm not quite right in the head. Anyway, this older Gentleman (Ron) that I was talking to invited Big Red & I to the Moose the following night for fish & chips.
(Big Red & I with Gary)

Well, Ron was completely surprised when we walked in the door to the Moose Lodge the following night. He didn't think that we were serious & thought that we weren't' going to show up. We had a great time chatting with fellow NRR's that are also member of the Moose. And the fish & chips were amazing! So that night Megan & I filled out our applications & became Women of the Moose. Dreams do come true...ha ha!!! I was home by 9pm so I could get some rest for an early morning run.

(At the Moose with the NRR's)

I was up at 5:30 on Saturday and headed out the door to get some miles in before heading to the other side of the state to hang out with two good friends from college. Jody about 20 miles from me and we met at a Park & Ride along the way to finish up the rest of the drive to Grand Rapids. Kelli was working at her school's carnival so we picked her up there. We were a little too excited about getting to see her classroom.

(Jody, Kelli, & Me)

The plan for the day was to go shopping in downtown Holland. On the way, she mentioned going to pick up her friend Carie. Then she went into this really sweet speech that ended with asking me to be a bridesmaid in her August wedding. She had already asked Jody over the phone & had been trying to get a hold of me but we kept playing phone tag. Carie is going to be her Matron of Honor so we were picking her up to go get fitted for dresses. I really like the dresses that she picked out and thank goodness they have a very flattering cut.

(Me looking goofy in a too tight version of the dress)

Once we were all set with the dresses we stopped at the Curragh for dinner then headed back to Kelli's house. We had talked about going out to a bar in downtown Grand rapids but we instead decided on staying in to catch up. We ended up chatting & playing cards until 1am. (Jody playing cards)

On Sunday we slept in then went out to breakfast. Jody & I headed home from there. I spent the rest of the weekend doing chores & getting ready for the week ahead.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Corktown 5K

Yesterday was Detroit's big St. Patrick's Day parade. The day starts off each year with a race before the parade begins. I went down with Big Red & pulled off a 25:24.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Running: Northville Road Runners

(photo from:

When I first started running I did most of my runs solo. I often enjoy being alone with just the pavement & the thoughts in my head. But sometimes we can benefit from running with others. Back in February I was out at the WG one night with some friends when a former co-worker of my friend Maura showed up. He didn't know a lot of people there so I decided to chat him up a bit. It turns out that he is a runner too. He told me about this running group that he was a part of and talked me into joining him. About a week later I set out with the Northville Road Runners (NRR). I'm hooked! I would say that the group is mostly older gentleman but there a few younger ones that occasionally show up too. I've even talked Big Red into running with the group. The NRR meets 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday. A 5-6 mile run is done then they all meet up at a bar or restaurant for beers & very amusing conversation.

Do you run solo or with others?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Re-cap

I can't believe it's almost been one month since my last post. I guess times flies when you are having fun or you're sick.

Shortly after my last post I came down with some sort of illness that left me with a fever for 3 days. It started on Super Bowl Sunday and I was just too sick to even watch it. I was so disappointed. I was too sick to even think to tape it so I could at least watch the commercials later. It was a whole week of doing nothing but trying to recover.

Then President's weekend I made another trip to NYC. I'm really loving it there right now! It was a weekend with two of my best girls being completely rediculous.

Last weekend was another weekend of rest & trying to play catch up on all the laundry & cleaning that got pushed aside.

Somewhere in all of that I made a new running friend who talked me into running with a local running club. I immediately loved it! I've been back again since and hope to run with the group more this month.

And now we are already into March and I'm preping for my first trip of this month... a long weekend in Panama City, FL to see one of my BFF's get married & run two races while I'm there.