Thursday, March 31, 2011

NYC, Part 4 Re-cap

New York was a blast as was expected. I feel so at home there. I went to my parents house after work on Friday & had dinner with my Dad. He made a delicious shrimp & scallop pasta. The scallops were so good, but I don't think they liked me so much. I had a belly ache for the rest of the night, well weekend but I can't blame the scallops for all of it. Anyway, after dinner my Dad dropped me off at the airport. For once my plane of time & we actually landed at LaGuardia 20 minutes early. Maura was waiting for me and we headed to her place to change before doing a little pub crawl. We ended up running into one of her friends who I had met before so we spent most of the evening chatting with him. On Saturday, we got up and headed to her gym to get a workout in. A late night and a slight hangover left us feeling sluggish but me managed to get a 30-minute run in. We stopped by the deli on the way home for sandwiches then plopped ourselves on her couch and watched "Country Strong". It was really good. Then it was off the New Meadowlands to watch the USA vs. Argentina soccer game. It was amazing! We had great seats and it was a good game that ended in a 1-1 tie. The way home was hot mess as we sat in traffic for 3 hours to go the 15 miles to get back to her place. We decided to call it a night after dealing with that. Sunday was another trip to the gym in the morning. Then we headed into the City to the Banc Cafe for "brunch". They have this fabulous drink called the Ruby Red Lemonade that you could get by the pitcher. Some friends of ours just so happened to be there so we joined them and had a few good laughs. Later on some more friends joined us and we just had a great time. I had an early morning flight home and had to be up at 4:30 to catch a cab to the airport. Luckily I had taken Monday off of work to catch up on sleep & get organized for the week. At least that was my plan. I ended up watching The Tourist instead of getting things done. Oh well!

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