Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Tuesday Run

Last night I ran with the Northville Road Runners again. On the first Tuesday of each month they change things up and meet at Running Fit (a local running store) and run a different route from there. All dues paying members put their name in a box and three names were drawn. The first two got gift certificates to the store, I think for $25 each. The third winner gets a pair of shoes. Not a bad deal! I was contemplating whether to run or not since I was still sore from the marathon. I decided that I just needed to suck it up and give it a try. My legs felt heavy & the run seemed painfully slow but I felt great once it was over with. I went 5.3 at a 9:20 pace. The group went out to eat afterwards but I headed home and had dinner of a veggie dog with macaroni cheese with broccoli mixed in. I was exhausted and knew I needed an early night. My body needs lots of rest now in order to recover & be ready to be abused again. Only 24 days until the next marathon. Workouts this week: Sunday: 25 min Yoga (Gaiam Power Yoga: Stamina with Rodney Yee) Monday: 10 min yoga, 800m swim, 20 min treadmill walk/jog, 20 elliptical Tuesday: 5.3 mile run

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  1. um, weird... we had mac n cheese, hot dogs, and broccoli for dinner last night too! great all-american quick dinner!