Monday, April 4, 2011

Running with Martians

Marathon #9 = Done! 4:21:02. Whew! I'm glad that one is over with. I can honestly say that I was really unprepared for this race. My longest run was the Seaside half marathon a month ago. With that being said, I pushed hard for this race and I'm really happy with my time. Now if I could only train consistently! On Friday after work Big Red, her husband, & I headed over to the race expo to pickup our race packets. It was a small expo with little swag. We got our race #'s, timing chip, & t-shirt. It was nice not getting all the paper that often comes in a race packet, but I do like the free samples that some races give out. We then headed to La Pita for some amazing Lebanese food. Pre-race meal (dinner the night before) = V4 juice (carrot, beet, spinach & parsley), Chicken Kabob with garlic sauce & rice, hummus, & small salad. I only ate half the meal & took the rest home for post -race. After dinner I came home and laid out my clothes & race gear: nike capri tights, northface running tank, northface longsleeve shirt with hood, wright double layer socks, Asics running shoes, gloves, 2 hammer gels, ipod, & garmin. I was in bed by 10pm with my alarm (and coffee maker) set for 4:30 am. 4:30 came quickly but I was wide awake and ready to roll. I took the dog out, got dressed, & relaxed for a bit with some coffee. Then I ate yogurt with peanut butter & honey with half a bagel. I was out the door by 5:40am to get a good parking spot. I was really surprised at how few people were running the full and I had no problems parking. I parked a little further away and walked over to my friend Dan's jeep where we chatted before the race. The race started promptly at 7:15 am. My strategy was to go as slow as possible in the beginning to conserve energy. I was running a 9:30 pace and it felt really slow. I wanted to speed up but I knew that I would regret that later. I felt great until about mile 21 when my garmin's battery died on me (even though I charged it the night before!) and I just hit a wall. I kept on moving and crossed the line feeling great. I walked straight to the food tent where they were handing out bananas, bagels, & pizza. I grabbed a banana & a slice of cheese pizza and made my way to the car. I had a Hammer Recoverite drink waiting for me and I drank that before eating the pizza. I came home and got out of my running clothes right away. A shower & nap was just what I needed.

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