Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

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I had plans last night with my friend Andrew for an 8 mile run. He had texted me on Tuesday that he was looking for company for a run and it just so happened that my schedule had 8 miles on it. My Mom had mentioned yesterday morning that my commute home from work might be during a storm but there was nothing. I was watching the weather forecasts all day and if just seemed like we weren't going to get what was predicted. So I met Andrew at 8pm in downtown Plymouth. At 2 miles in it started to sprinkle lightly and it felt so good since it was close to 90 out. At 3 miles in the rain picked up and we saw lighting in the distance. At 3.5 miles in Andrew said that he didn't want to be a chicken but he thought that we should consider cutting the course short and just start heading back to our cars. Shortly after that point, the winds picked up and so did the intensity of the rain. It was getting pretty miserable out and we were soaked. As we stopped at a light to cross, a woman rolled down her window and asked if we wanted a ride home. I was a little skeptical since we really didn't have that far to go when she asked again. Andrew & I looked at each other then made way to her car. I was so appreciative of that woman for picking up two soaking wet strangers and driving us to our cars. It's nice to know that there are good people out there.

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