Friday, December 2, 2011

Setting goals

Over the past few days I decided that leading up to Christmas I would do 25 days of fitness. I've been in a slump. I ran 4 marathons in the last year, all half-heartedly and I've been burned out. But I do love how easy running is. And I really like my running group. So last night I kicked if off with run with the Northville Road Runners (NRR). I hadn't seen most of them in a month (or some more than that) so it was so nice to see them. And have the support of a running group. I took it easy & ran with BR. 5.5 miles are in the books!

This next year, I want to focus on shorter distances for a while and get some speed back. And that joy that I get from running. And not having to run 20 mile training runs. So I downloaded Hal Higdon's half marathon training plan and I signed up for a half in March. I still would like to do a marathon next year but I think I'll save it for the fall and just stick to halfs until then.

In my 25 days of fitness, I'm going to try to incorporate some other workouts too. With day 1 complete, I'm onto day 2...which will be a 20-minute workout video.

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