Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catch Up & lots of Good eats

Wow, I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! I certainly didn't mean for that to happen.

Chicago was awesome! We got in around 1pm Chicago-time on Saturday. We relaxed and watched some MSU basketball and ate some awesome bean dip that PC's brother had made. Later on in evening we met up with some of their friends and headed over to Pizza Art. An awesome pizza place that you can bring your own beverages too. We got two six packs of beer to split and ordered two different types of veggie pizza. Oh, and we also got the Bruchetta which was out of this world! After dinner we headed over the Chicago Brauhaus...a highly entertaining German Beer Hall. We shared a boot of beer and did a little dancing.

On Sunday, we headed to Fork, a great place for breakfast. Later on in the day, PC & I headed down to the Lakeshore path and got a run in. I think I got about 5 miles in. I had forgotten my Garmin so I guessed based off of PC's miles (he went further than me). After the run we showed and relaxed for a while before headed out to dinner at Grafton Irish Pub. They had some of the best fish & chips that I've ever had. We had plans of hitting a Jazz Club but we decided to head back to J & K's place and played Euchre instead. Oh, & did I mention that they have the cutest little dog, named Charlie. We just loved the little guy!

Last week was my birthday and I started celebrating early by going out to dinner at Bravo! with three of my girlfriends. Three bottles of wine & some good food later we called it a night. It was so nice to catch up with them!

On my actual birthday, PC got up early with me and made me chocolate chip waffles & served me OJ in a martini glass. I went to work until 2pm when he PC came to take me to a late lunch at The Melting Pot. We went home and just relaxed for a little while before heading to the gym and spending the evening with his kids. The next day my co-workers took me to lunch at Arbor Brewing Company.

Last weekend was filled with running, trips to the gym, lots of cleaning & organizing. And we took G & her friend to see Legally Blond that was put on by the local High School. I was so impressed!

I've stayed pretty close to my workout plan this week and I've now worked out 22 of the last 25 days. I'm hoping to continue my streak tonight with a trip to the gym for a short run & some weights.

Friday, January 13, 2012


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I don't know what it was with this week but I'm so glad that it's coming to the end. Maybe it has something to do with the Full Moon that was on Monday. I rarely struggle to sleep at night but this week I was fighting for every Zzz! I could get.
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It was a good workout week without any days off:
Monday - Live Fit Phase 1, Day 4 weight (Shoulders & Abs)
Tuesday - Ran with NRR for 5:13 miles
Wednesday - Barre Bee Fit Class & an Indoor Soccer game
Thursday - 4.5 mile run on the treadmill

I'm really proud of that last treadmill run. I was tired and wanted a day off. My plan was to run with NRR but the weather wasn't too nice out (cold & rainy) so I used it as an excuse not to go. Plus I didn't want to add 30 min more into my drive time. So I forced myself to head to the gym and ran with my friend Pitbull (#IlovePandora).
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This weekend PC & I are off to Chicago to visit his brother & his wife. We'll head out first thing tomorrow morning and will head back home Monday morning. I've been missing City life so I'm so excited to be going.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working it out...Above the Barre

I've been on a roll for the New Year with working out. I've never felt better, and more sore...haha!

I've been trying to stick with the running and make it to at least 2 of the 3 weekly NRR runs. But, my heart still isn't back into running. Rather, running as much as I should be with a half coming up in March.

Today I decided to mix things up and I went to a Barre Bee Fit class.
The class is described on their website as:
"Our program combines intense cardio, total body toning, deep stretching and detoxification into a powerful program to achieve maximum results. Each regimen is choreographed weekly and designed to focus on the small, and often ignored, muscle groups critical to building a toned yet feminine physique. Our classes change regularly to incorporate innovative props, new movements and rotations in an effort to keep your muscles confused and the positive results coming. In Barre Bee Fit's intense group classes, our skilled instructors are devoted to encouraging and pushing you to your limit"

I was really impressed with the Studio, it was very modern looking. And it's only 3 blocks from my work. The instructor was very nice and gave a brief overview before the class. The class kicked my butt! I wasn't really expecting it to be so challenging and think that maybe I was over doing it with all the other workouts I've been getting in lately and with an indoor soccer game this evening. It was more strength work than I was expecting and less stretching. There is another Barre studio in town that I'd like to try for comparison but I'm pretty sure that I'd give it a try again on a day that I'm not so sore to begin with.