Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working it out...Above the Barre

I've been on a roll for the New Year with working out. I've never felt better, and more sore...haha!

I've been trying to stick with the running and make it to at least 2 of the 3 weekly NRR runs. But, my heart still isn't back into running. Rather, running as much as I should be with a half coming up in March.

Today I decided to mix things up and I went to a Barre Bee Fit class.
The class is described on their website as:
"Our program combines intense cardio, total body toning, deep stretching and detoxification into a powerful program to achieve maximum results. Each regimen is choreographed weekly and designed to focus on the small, and often ignored, muscle groups critical to building a toned yet feminine physique. Our classes change regularly to incorporate innovative props, new movements and rotations in an effort to keep your muscles confused and the positive results coming. In Barre Bee Fit's intense group classes, our skilled instructors are devoted to encouraging and pushing you to your limit"

I was really impressed with the Studio, it was very modern looking. And it's only 3 blocks from my work. The instructor was very nice and gave a brief overview before the class. The class kicked my butt! I wasn't really expecting it to be so challenging and think that maybe I was over doing it with all the other workouts I've been getting in lately and with an indoor soccer game this evening. It was more strength work than I was expecting and less stretching. There is another Barre studio in town that I'd like to try for comparison but I'm pretty sure that I'd give it a try again on a day that I'm not so sore to begin with.

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  1. How am I just now following your blog? Totally obsessed. this post is FABULOUS. xo
    Small town girl turned LA local.