Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last weekend in February

 Starbucks had sent me a coupon in the mail to try their oatmeal for free. I love oatmeal and was curious to see how theirs was. I was really impressed with it. But you have to be careful with the sides since they can easily up the calories. I added all of the nuts, half of the dried fruit, and just a touch of the brown sugar.
 No weekend is complete without some puppy snuggle time. This dog certainly enjoys cuddling.
 Saturday morning bags are packed. Rediculous, I know. The backpack is my running bag. The duffle bag is my gym bag. I headed to Kensington for 5 miles at pace, then to the gym for an ab workout.

Saturday evening was a lovely dinner with my parents to celebrate our engagement. We went to Steve & Rocky's and it was good stuff! My parents suprised us with beautiful flowers that were the centerpiece on the table.
 I woke up Sunday not feeling well and skipped out on my planned 9 mile run and breakfast afterwards. Brady did his best to make me feel better by being a goofball. He is resting his face in a little tray that holds our coasters.
 Reading material for a sick day.
I made it into work today but have supplies to keep me going.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So very proud....

One of my BFF's is now a CPA!!! I'm so proud of her hard work! Way to go Mo-Mo!!!

Last weekend in pictures

The Best Valentines Day ever....

My favorite mornings are when Pat wakes up with me. He is a night owl and I am definitely a morning person. I have to leave for work by 7:30 am so I am often up at 6-6:30 to get out the door on time. Pat works from home and has more flexibility. But some days he gets up when I do and makes me breakfast before I go to work. It's really sweet of him. And Valentines Day was one of those days. He make me waffles and got my coffee ready for me. I gave him a card that I bought and told him what his gift was. I had planned to order him is Boston Marathon jacket but I wanted to make sure that he did want one and that we could get the size right. He was really happy about it since they aren't cheap.
Backing up...I had asked him a week or more before if we were going to be doing anything on Valentines Day. It was a Tuesday which is a NRR running night and I wanted to make sure that I would be getting my workouts in that week if I missed it. He had told me not to make plans that night but wouldn't say what we were doing. At this point I just thought that we would be going out to dinner somewhere nice.

The night before he told me that he would pick me up from work and to bring warm clothes and hiking boots. We enjoy being outdoors so this wasn't too odd of a request. So I packed long johns, jeans, & boots as I headed off to work that morning.

I usually either park about half a mile away from work or if I'm feeling really lazy, I'll pay to park in a structure 3 blocks away. I asked him if I would be back to my car that night so I would know to leave it in a safe place. We ended up deciding that we would meet at a park-n-ride in Ann Arbor. He asked if I could get out of work a little early so that we could meet at 5pm. I sent him a text when I got to our meeting point and he responded that he had just left. Meaning that he would be about 20-25 minutes late. I was starting to get a little upset but I knew that he was busy with work and it was Valentines Day so I just had to let it go. He shows up at the parking lot with Brady in the back seat. It was so nice to have both of my boys pick me up. Then we started heading towards Plymouth/Northville and it hit me where he was taking me...to Cass Benton, where our first date was. We parked and he handed me my Valentines Gift...a very small box of chocolate.  This was his little joke to me to try to throw me off but I knew that he still had something up his sleeve. We got bundled up and we headed off for a walk with the dog.

We walked maybe 15 minutes before we started heading up a hill that overlooked Northville Downs & Downtown Northville. He stopped me and said that he had another something little for me. Then he pulled out his phone. He was playing with his phone for a while and I was getting confused...I was starting to wonder if maybe he ordered something for me and it didn't come yet so he was trying to find a picture. Instead he started to play Adele's version of "Make You Feel My Love". Next thing I know he was kissing me and telling me sweet things and got down on one knee. I was so excited and we were hugging and he had to ask if I had said yes. Of course I did! It was so romantic & sweet.

Then as we finished the trail loop headed back to the car he told me about how the ring had been his Grandmothers. I was shocked and thought that it was such a sweet gesture for him to propose with her ring. And it's just beautiful. I'm so honored for it to now be mine. We decided that we would go back to Buckminsters to get a drink to celebrate then we would stop by our parents houses to tell them the good news. And that is just what we did!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Food Thief

A few weeks ago I had bought a bag of 4 avocados. The kids love guacamole & so do I. We had them for the weekend but we were busy and I didn't get around to making any. I knew that they were going to go bad soon so I had planned on making a mexican meal that night that would go well with the avocados. When I got home they were no longer in the fridge. I thought maybe they made guacamole without me. I asked Pat about it when he got home and he said that they didn't use them up and that they should still be in the fridge. They were no where to be found. Pat asked both kids about them and they both claim to not know anything about them.
Then yesterday I was looking for the Nutella that we had that I had just seen the day before. For some reason Pat also knew it was there and when I asked him where it was he looked in the same spot that we both thought that we had seen it last. We looked in the whole cupboard and in the fridge as well. No where to be seen. One of the kids had been over the night before so I can only hope that it was consumed then. But there were no signs of an empty container or a knife with nutella on it. And it's not like the kids to not leave something they used out.

It's still a mystery where this food is going...
Both Picture are from Pinterst

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our First Date

Our first day was on May 09th, 2011. We decided to meet at the Deadwood (a local restaurant) parking lot and we'd go somewhere from there. Pat suggested going over to Hines Drive and going for walk on the trails at Cass Benton. I knew that Cass Benton was one of the parks along Hines but I had no idea of the trails that I had been missing out on. Pat had ran there for cross country in high school so they were familiar to him. It was a warm & sunny day out. It was a great first date because we were able to talk & get to know each other. And I was so excited to learn about the trails and see how beautiful they were. After our walk that was probably about an hour or so we decided to go get dinner in downtown Northville. We started out at Table 5, a really nice wine bar. It was really packed and we waited for a while before we got a table. We were seated right on top of two other tables and it just didn't seem right. So Pat suggested we go somewhere else. I quickly agreed and we walked down the block to Buckminsters, a newer bar in Northville. They had food but it wasn't a very big menu and we both ended up with sandwiches. He was very sweet and kind, a true gentleman. I had a great evening with him and was anxious to see him again after that night.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Night we Met

Before I get to our engagement story, I'm going to back up to the night we met...

The running club that I am in has an annual "Club Race". It's open to paying club members only and the club buys pizza & beer afterwards. There are awards based on who actually wins the race, then there is some statistic that calculates a handicap based on gender & age to see who actually was the fastest, then an award to who improved the most of last years time.

It was originally scheduled for April 28th, which was the Thursday before I did the back-to-back marathons. I wasn't going to do it since it would be a bit much before the big challenge I had ahead of me. For some reason that I can't remember it ended up getting rescheduled to the following week, May 5th.

I survived the insanity of two marathon and decided to run the race. It was a challenging run with lots of hills, but I managed to come in as the first female. I cheered the rest of my running friends on and when everyone had finished we headed over to the Sports Den for awards, pizza, & beer.

Megan (aka BR) & I sat next to each other and there was an empty space next to me. This guy that I had seen at several of the other runs (but never officially met) sat next to me and on the other side of him was our friend John. The guy introduced himself as Pat (aka PC) and the four of us chatted most of the evening. He ended up with one of the awards, I think the age adjusted handicap one. He made a comment about how the fastest guy got an award but not the fastest female which was really sweet. At one point he got up to use the restroom and Megan and I being goofy and sneaky decided to slip a wallet sized picture of the two of us from her wedding into one of his pockets. Don't ask why we walk around with wallet sized pictures of ourselves. Anyway, as the night wore on we decided it was time to head home. On the way out, BR told PC that he might want to check his clothes before he washes them next.

Acting like teenagers, we then left and walked to a window that looked in on the room that we had been in. We ducked down so that no one would see but we watched as he was checking all of his pockets. Another friend had witnessed us putting the picture in his pocekt and was trying to help him find what we hid but she couldn't find the hidden pocket that we slipped it into. We were on the ground laughing hysterically over it. Eventually he found it and we slipped out unseen.

Later on I had Megan give him my number but he felt a little weird about that since he didn't know if I was okay with her giving out my number. He later friended me on facebook and asked me out the following Tuesday.

So sometimes acting 20 years younger that what you really are pays off!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We got engaged!!!

It was so romantic & perfect, I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

(photo from pinterest)

Are you celebrating? If so, how?

I have a "secret" date tonight. I'm meeting the boyfriend at 5pm tonight and I have no idea where we are going or what we are doing. How romantic is that? I love a good surprise!


What the heck is Aeggekage? It's the most delicious breakfast that you could cook up! It's also know as a Danish Over Pancake or a Baked Pancake. I just can't tell you how awesome this is.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap in Pictures

Brady got a long over due hair cut.
We went to a fundraiser for the daughter of a friend who is raising money for her Irish Dance team that is competing in Belfast, Ireland in April.
Ran 10 miles Saturday morning.
Brady stayed snuggled in bed while I got up to run.
Lifted at the gym both Saturday & Sunday. Saturday was back, Sunday was chest & abs.
Nothing says Sunday morning like donuts after a good workout...haha!
So close to winning the 3rd quarter in my Super Bowl squares.

Friday, February 3, 2012

January Re-Cap: Working it out

I've been working out like crazy lately. January was a good month here's the details:
01/01 - Four Mile run at Island Lake
01/02 - 30 minute circuit, 12 min abs, 1 mile run at Planet Fitness
01/03 - Ran with NRR, 5.69 miles
01/04 - Indoor soccer game
01/05  - OFF
01/06 - Jamie Eason's Live Fit, Day 1
01/07 - Live Fit, Day 2
01/08 - Live Fit, Day 3
01/09 - Live Fit, Day 4
01/10 - Ran with NRR, 5.13 miles
01/11 - Barre Bee Fit, Indoor soccer game
01/12 - Ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill at Planet Fitness
01/13 - Live Fit, Day 8
01/14 - Live Fit, Day 9
01/15 - Ran 5.5 miles in Chicago
01/16 - OFF
01/17 - OFF
01/18 - Live Fit, Day 10
01/19 - Live Fit, Day 11
01/20 - Live Fit, day 12
01/21 - Ran 3 miles on the treadmill
01/22 - Ran 8.4 miles at Kensington
01/23 - Live Fit, Legs
01/24 - Ran with NRR, 5.12 miles
01/25 - Indoor Soccer Game
01/26 - Live Fit (not sure which I did this day, I have to check my log book)
01/27 - Live Fit (not sure which I did this day, I have to check my log book)
01/28 - Ran with NRR, 9 miles
01/29 - OFF
01/30 - Live Fit, Chest & Triceps
01/31 - Yoga, Ran 3 miles at the gym & did Live Fit, Legs

Pics from last weekend