Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Best Valentines Day ever....

My favorite mornings are when Pat wakes up with me. He is a night owl and I am definitely a morning person. I have to leave for work by 7:30 am so I am often up at 6-6:30 to get out the door on time. Pat works from home and has more flexibility. But some days he gets up when I do and makes me breakfast before I go to work. It's really sweet of him. And Valentines Day was one of those days. He make me waffles and got my coffee ready for me. I gave him a card that I bought and told him what his gift was. I had planned to order him is Boston Marathon jacket but I wanted to make sure that he did want one and that we could get the size right. He was really happy about it since they aren't cheap.
Backing up...I had asked him a week or more before if we were going to be doing anything on Valentines Day. It was a Tuesday which is a NRR running night and I wanted to make sure that I would be getting my workouts in that week if I missed it. He had told me not to make plans that night but wouldn't say what we were doing. At this point I just thought that we would be going out to dinner somewhere nice.

The night before he told me that he would pick me up from work and to bring warm clothes and hiking boots. We enjoy being outdoors so this wasn't too odd of a request. So I packed long johns, jeans, & boots as I headed off to work that morning.

I usually either park about half a mile away from work or if I'm feeling really lazy, I'll pay to park in a structure 3 blocks away. I asked him if I would be back to my car that night so I would know to leave it in a safe place. We ended up deciding that we would meet at a park-n-ride in Ann Arbor. He asked if I could get out of work a little early so that we could meet at 5pm. I sent him a text when I got to our meeting point and he responded that he had just left. Meaning that he would be about 20-25 minutes late. I was starting to get a little upset but I knew that he was busy with work and it was Valentines Day so I just had to let it go. He shows up at the parking lot with Brady in the back seat. It was so nice to have both of my boys pick me up. Then we started heading towards Plymouth/Northville and it hit me where he was taking Cass Benton, where our first date was. We parked and he handed me my Valentines Gift...a very small box of chocolate.  This was his little joke to me to try to throw me off but I knew that he still had something up his sleeve. We got bundled up and we headed off for a walk with the dog.

We walked maybe 15 minutes before we started heading up a hill that overlooked Northville Downs & Downtown Northville. He stopped me and said that he had another something little for me. Then he pulled out his phone. He was playing with his phone for a while and I was getting confused...I was starting to wonder if maybe he ordered something for me and it didn't come yet so he was trying to find a picture. Instead he started to play Adele's version of "Make You Feel My Love". Next thing I know he was kissing me and telling me sweet things and got down on one knee. I was so excited and we were hugging and he had to ask if I had said yes. Of course I did! It was so romantic & sweet.

Then as we finished the trail loop headed back to the car he told me about how the ring had been his Grandmothers. I was shocked and thought that it was such a sweet gesture for him to propose with her ring. And it's just beautiful. I'm so honored for it to now be mine. We decided that we would go back to Buckminsters to get a drink to celebrate then we would stop by our parents houses to tell them the good news. And that is just what we did!

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