Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Food Thief

A few weeks ago I had bought a bag of 4 avocados. The kids love guacamole & so do I. We had them for the weekend but we were busy and I didn't get around to making any. I knew that they were going to go bad soon so I had planned on making a mexican meal that night that would go well with the avocados. When I got home they were no longer in the fridge. I thought maybe they made guacamole without me. I asked Pat about it when he got home and he said that they didn't use them up and that they should still be in the fridge. They were no where to be found. Pat asked both kids about them and they both claim to not know anything about them.
Then yesterday I was looking for the Nutella that we had that I had just seen the day before. For some reason Pat also knew it was there and when I asked him where it was he looked in the same spot that we both thought that we had seen it last. We looked in the whole cupboard and in the fridge as well. No where to be seen. One of the kids had been over the night before so I can only hope that it was consumed then. But there were no signs of an empty container or a knife with nutella on it. And it's not like the kids to not leave something they used out.

It's still a mystery where this food is going...
Both Picture are from Pinterst

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