Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last weekend in February

 Starbucks had sent me a coupon in the mail to try their oatmeal for free. I love oatmeal and was curious to see how theirs was. I was really impressed with it. But you have to be careful with the sides since they can easily up the calories. I added all of the nuts, half of the dried fruit, and just a touch of the brown sugar.
 No weekend is complete without some puppy snuggle time. This dog certainly enjoys cuddling.
 Saturday morning bags are packed. Rediculous, I know. The backpack is my running bag. The duffle bag is my gym bag. I headed to Kensington for 5 miles at pace, then to the gym for an ab workout.

Saturday evening was a lovely dinner with my parents to celebrate our engagement. We went to Steve & Rocky's and it was good stuff! My parents suprised us with beautiful flowers that were the centerpiece on the table.
 I woke up Sunday not feeling well and skipped out on my planned 9 mile run and breakfast afterwards. Brady did his best to make me feel better by being a goofball. He is resting his face in a little tray that holds our coasters.
 Reading material for a sick day.
I made it into work today but have supplies to keep me going.

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