Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Night we Met

Before I get to our engagement story, I'm going to back up to the night we met...

The running club that I am in has an annual "Club Race". It's open to paying club members only and the club buys pizza & beer afterwards. There are awards based on who actually wins the race, then there is some statistic that calculates a handicap based on gender & age to see who actually was the fastest, then an award to who improved the most of last years time.

It was originally scheduled for April 28th, which was the Thursday before I did the back-to-back marathons. I wasn't going to do it since it would be a bit much before the big challenge I had ahead of me. For some reason that I can't remember it ended up getting rescheduled to the following week, May 5th.

I survived the insanity of two marathon and decided to run the race. It was a challenging run with lots of hills, but I managed to come in as the first female. I cheered the rest of my running friends on and when everyone had finished we headed over to the Sports Den for awards, pizza, & beer.

Megan (aka BR) & I sat next to each other and there was an empty space next to me. This guy that I had seen at several of the other runs (but never officially met) sat next to me and on the other side of him was our friend John. The guy introduced himself as Pat (aka PC) and the four of us chatted most of the evening. He ended up with one of the awards, I think the age adjusted handicap one. He made a comment about how the fastest guy got an award but not the fastest female which was really sweet. At one point he got up to use the restroom and Megan and I being goofy and sneaky decided to slip a wallet sized picture of the two of us from her wedding into one of his pockets. Don't ask why we walk around with wallet sized pictures of ourselves. Anyway, as the night wore on we decided it was time to head home. On the way out, BR told PC that he might want to check his clothes before he washes them next.

Acting like teenagers, we then left and walked to a window that looked in on the room that we had been in. We ducked down so that no one would see but we watched as he was checking all of his pockets. Another friend had witnessed us putting the picture in his pocekt and was trying to help him find what we hid but she couldn't find the hidden pocket that we slipped it into. We were on the ground laughing hysterically over it. Eventually he found it and we slipped out unseen.

Later on I had Megan give him my number but he felt a little weird about that since he didn't know if I was okay with her giving out my number. He later friended me on facebook and asked me out the following Tuesday.

So sometimes acting 20 years younger that what you really are pays off!

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