Friday, February 17, 2012

Our First Date

Our first day was on May 09th, 2011. We decided to meet at the Deadwood (a local restaurant) parking lot and we'd go somewhere from there. Pat suggested going over to Hines Drive and going for walk on the trails at Cass Benton. I knew that Cass Benton was one of the parks along Hines but I had no idea of the trails that I had been missing out on. Pat had ran there for cross country in high school so they were familiar to him. It was a warm & sunny day out. It was a great first date because we were able to talk & get to know each other. And I was so excited to learn about the trails and see how beautiful they were. After our walk that was probably about an hour or so we decided to go get dinner in downtown Northville. We started out at Table 5, a really nice wine bar. It was really packed and we waited for a while before we got a table. We were seated right on top of two other tables and it just didn't seem right. So Pat suggested we go somewhere else. I quickly agreed and we walked down the block to Buckminsters, a newer bar in Northville. They had food but it wasn't a very big menu and we both ended up with sandwiches. He was very sweet and kind, a true gentleman. I had a great evening with him and was anxious to see him again after that night.

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