Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's my Friday!

I was going to do a re-cap since I blogged last but for the life of me I can't remember what I did last Friday night. I know that I walked around the Ann Arbor Art Fair at lunch but the evening has disappeared from my mind. Ha! That's part of the reason I started this little bloggy thing...I wanted a way to remember things that happened.

Saturday was a fun day. My wonderful Mother-in-Law to be (Sue) had given me a spa giftcard for my wedding shower. I booked myself an appointment for an oxygen facial. It was soooo relaxing. I wanted to cry when the woman told me it was over & I could hardly move since my body was relaxed. It was good stuff. After that, I met two besties for a quick little lunch at the Tuscan in downtown Northville. Most of my late afternoon early evening was spent volunteering at a 8K race that my running club put on.

Sunday is another day that has partially disappeared. I know in the evening we played Telestrations with the kids & had a little bonfire for s'more.

On Monday I met a new friend to run. We met out at Island Lake State Park and did a combo trail/road run. It was a hot one! In the 90's. We only did about 5 miles but I'd say that was an accomplishment in that heat. We jumped in the lake afterwards to cool off before heading home. Oh & she brought a Mike's hard lemonade for each of us. I'm not normally a fan of those, but it was so good after that run!

The rest of this week has been spent prepping for the big day next week. Laundry, hair appt, eyebrow wax, packing, & tonight I get my nails done. I can hardly believe that is just 5 days I'll be married.

Tomorrow morning we are heading up the UP. We are visiting my brother & his family and running a half marathon on Grand Island. I feel so relaxed every time I cross the Mackinaw Bridge to the UP. It's like a whole other world up there and I just love it!

Next Monday morning we drop down to Glen Arbor & Tuesday night we'll be married on the Dunes. Life is good!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Trails

One of the craziest things I've even done in my life was commute 8 hours to work. Now of course it wouldn't be possible to drive 8 hours to work, put a full days worth of work in, then drive 8 hours home. When I moved to Albuquerque in the fall of 2001 I was unemployed. I went through the long (or what seemed long), stressful job hunt until I landed a job in Santa Fe working as a Native American auditor for Kenton Keckler & Co. The first day there I became friends with an older (At the time I think he was in his late 50's, early 60's) co-worker, Patrick Newman. Patrick often went by a childhood nickname of Dub. He was wonderful. He was a jolly, round fellow who was very laid back. After one week of work we headed out on our first job, auditing the Duckwater Shoshone about an hour outside of Ely, NV. That trip deserves whole  post in the future. Several months into this job, Kenton decided that he was relocating the office to Denver. He wanted Dub & I to come along with the promise raises and other perks (Rockies tickets, etc.). Neither of us wanted to move right away so we took to just travelling there for the week. My first trip, I flew into Denver & stayed at a hotel not too far from the office. The flight was expensive & the hotel was in a bit of a shady area so that quickly put an end to that. So then Dub & I started car pooling for the 8 hour trip and we'd get hotel rooms in different areas always trying to find the cheapest rate. We drive up on a Sunday night, sometime driving through the night, then we'd work 10-12 hour days so we could head home Thursday night or Friday morning. We had a lot of adventures on those trips. We once saw a drunk driver driving half naked with all his windows down to keep him awake (or sober). One of our trips home we hit some sort of bird that Dub swore was an owl. He called me Bluejay (a nickname off of my last name), and often would ask me to explain the latest fashion or trend. He'd tell me about his daughter & her two kids that he thought highly of. He'd tell me that he remembered asking his parents for money and would say, "Gimme nickel" to them. Just went to show the change of inflation from his childhood to mine. He'd tell me about Austin & told me I should visit there someday. I remember him drinking peppermint tea in the morning & having a Hershey kiss to go with it. He like to go to a place called Manny's that was across the street from our office. The hotel rooms got expensive so we once tried staying in a hostel. That was a really shady experience that left us fleeing quickly from the next morning never to return back to that place. Sometimes we would be lucky enough to stay in our bosses apartment that was in the same building as the office...Dub would get the bedroom, I'd get the couch. I remember times where I even spent the week sleeping in the office. Kenton started having some financial issues and wasn't paying Patrick what he promised. The two of them weren't getting along & Dub wisely parted ways. Shortly after I went to quit when Kenton told me he couldn't afford to keep the office and was moving back to Santa Fe. I stayed on for a while doing contract work for him and working out of the house. I'd meet up with Dub periodically for dinner and we'd often exchange e-mails. I later on hired at Isleta and worked there for a year before moving back home. I always was thrilled to hear from Dub and see what his next adventure was. He loved hanging out in pool halls and always had stories from that. Every single e-mail ended in "Happy Trails". Last night I received an e-mail from a stranger who was replying all to a mass e-mail that Dub had sent out last January. He hadn't heard from our mutual friend in a while & wanted to know if the rumor he heard of Dubs passing was true. Sadly, I found out that Dub went on to the other side. I hope he's making amends with that owl so I won't have to when I get there.

Dub, you were one of the coolest old dudes that I ever met. You didn't need me to know what trends were cool & hip, you already had it down! I'll miss you, my friend. Happy Trails.

(I don't know who to credit the photo to, I took it off of his FB page.)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mysterious Letter

A few weeks ago I ordered a few things for my wedding from Macy's. 3 things actually. For some odd reason, they all came in separate shipments. I opened the first one last week. The second one came on Thursday and since I was packing & heading out for GLR I waited to open it. Last night as I was opening it I saw a small white envelope inside. I thought it was odd since I was the one making the purchase and thought maybe Macy's was getting all fancy on me and sending me a thanks for your purchase note. This is what the note inside said:

The weird thing is that's exactly what I called my Grandparents. Sadly, they aren't alive anymore. I'm not sure how that note got sent to me but it makes me feel like they somehow found a way for it to get to me. And while it's not my birthday anytime soon, I opened it exactly two weeks before my wedding.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pyramid Point

Yesterday we found our wedding spot, I'm so excited! 2 weeks from today I'll be standing here getting married to the love of my life:
Pyramid Point lookout spot

The trail head.

The beautiful path that leads to the lookout.

The view from the top.

2012 Great Lakes Relay

It was an epic weekend running across Michigan. 277+ miles, 10 runners, 3 days.
Bart & Rhonda discussing logistics the night before Day 1

Cassie, Bill & Myself before our runs

Me on my first leg. I'm happy early on in the shade. It got brutal running in the sun in 90' weather.

A group shot while I was out on my run. Bart is rocking his Hawaiian shirt.

Day 1 finishes at the Au Sable River, perfect for cooling off.
Walt cooking up dinner after Day 1.

My Day 2 assignments.

The crew enjoying dinner.

Day 2 still looking good.
Day 2, waiting for the last runner to come in.

Discussing logistics in the shade.

There weren't porta-potties for this race. You had to use the woods for all bathroom stops. Certain areas were private property, so they were marked with signs.

Day 3, the last leg. Known as the Glory leg. At least 3 miles of this leg was run on the beach & it was hot out. Kevin rocked it though.

Post race party at the beach.

A team shot.

Packing up to go home.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding update & GLR weekend

Wedding Update:

19 days to go! I can hardly believe how soon I'll be a Campbell! I have my dress, my jewelry, my shoes. He has khaki's & a white shirt. We talked with our officiate last night to discuss some details and we are all set with her. The photographer is booked and all paid for. Last week we picked up his ring. Hair appointment is made. The only things I have left to do is order my flowers (I'm hoping to do that Monday) and decide on how I want my makeup (I'll do that myself). Pat is going to get our marriage license on Friday. Things are falling into place, and life is good!

Great Lakes Relay:

Tonight I'm heading up North for GLR. I'm running on a team with some of the other Northville Road Runners. 10 of us will be running a total of 277.95 miles over three days. My portion will total to 26.4 miles. Day 1 we start between Rogers City & Onaway and finish in McKinley. Day 2 we start from McKinley and finish up in Grayling. Day 3 will finish in Empire on beach. On Day three I have a water crossing, I can't wait!

Brady meets Charlie

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This N That

Life really has been on overdrive lately. I guess it means I'm having fun but sometimes I just want to stop & enjoy all that is around me.

Backing up to before Jack's party....

Friday night my Sister-in-Law & Nephew were in town for the night. And by in town I mean that they stayed at my parents house which is about 30 mins away from where I live. Amy headed out West to visit friends Saturday morning for the week while Oliver went off to spent the week with her parents in Pittsburgh. I went there straight after work on Friday and had dinner with my parents, Amy, Oliver, & Amy's Dad. Later on Pat came over with Jack & Grace. I can't believe how big Oliver is getting. He's a real boy now and not a baby any more.

Saturday morning came quickly and I was off to take Brady to the vet. He's developed a lump on his side that I wanted looked at and he was due for his annual shots. Luckily, the lump appears not to be anything of concern, just something we need to watch. I was also told that he needs to lose about 5-6 pounds. I'm a little baffled by this since I had cut back on his food since he was there last.

While I was off the to vet, Grace went to a cake decorating class with her friend Edie.

 Since Saturday was Jack's actual birthday, we used her cake to celebrate.

In the evening on Saturday, we headed to one of Pat's friends houses for a potluck party. Sunday morning I was up early for an 8.5 mile run since I have a relay & a half marathon coming up. I got a few chores done before we headed off to Jack's party.

Then last night I met up with some friends: