Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Great Lakes Relay

It was an epic weekend running across Michigan. 277+ miles, 10 runners, 3 days.
Bart & Rhonda discussing logistics the night before Day 1

Cassie, Bill & Myself before our runs

Me on my first leg. I'm happy early on in the shade. It got brutal running in the sun in 90' weather.

A group shot while I was out on my run. Bart is rocking his Hawaiian shirt.

Day 1 finishes at the Au Sable River, perfect for cooling off.
Walt cooking up dinner after Day 1.

My Day 2 assignments.

The crew enjoying dinner.

Day 2 still looking good.
Day 2, waiting for the last runner to come in.

Discussing logistics in the shade.

There weren't porta-potties for this race. You had to use the woods for all bathroom stops. Certain areas were private property, so they were marked with signs.

Day 3, the last leg. Known as the Glory leg. At least 3 miles of this leg was run on the beach & it was hot out. Kevin rocked it though.

Post race party at the beach.

A team shot.

Packing up to go home.

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