Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mysterious Letter

A few weeks ago I ordered a few things for my wedding from Macy's. 3 things actually. For some odd reason, they all came in separate shipments. I opened the first one last week. The second one came on Thursday and since I was packing & heading out for GLR I waited to open it. Last night as I was opening it I saw a small white envelope inside. I thought it was odd since I was the one making the purchase and thought maybe Macy's was getting all fancy on me and sending me a thanks for your purchase note. This is what the note inside said:

The weird thing is that's exactly what I called my Grandparents. Sadly, they aren't alive anymore. I'm not sure how that note got sent to me but it makes me feel like they somehow found a way for it to get to me. And while it's not my birthday anytime soon, I opened it exactly two weeks before my wedding.

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