Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This N That

Life really has been on overdrive lately. I guess it means I'm having fun but sometimes I just want to stop & enjoy all that is around me.

Backing up to before Jack's party....

Friday night my Sister-in-Law & Nephew were in town for the night. And by in town I mean that they stayed at my parents house which is about 30 mins away from where I live. Amy headed out West to visit friends Saturday morning for the week while Oliver went off to spent the week with her parents in Pittsburgh. I went there straight after work on Friday and had dinner with my parents, Amy, Oliver, & Amy's Dad. Later on Pat came over with Jack & Grace. I can't believe how big Oliver is getting. He's a real boy now and not a baby any more.

Saturday morning came quickly and I was off to take Brady to the vet. He's developed a lump on his side that I wanted looked at and he was due for his annual shots. Luckily, the lump appears not to be anything of concern, just something we need to watch. I was also told that he needs to lose about 5-6 pounds. I'm a little baffled by this since I had cut back on his food since he was there last.

While I was off the to vet, Grace went to a cake decorating class with her friend Edie.

 Since Saturday was Jack's actual birthday, we used her cake to celebrate.

In the evening on Saturday, we headed to one of Pat's friends houses for a potluck party. Sunday morning I was up early for an 8.5 mile run since I have a relay & a half marathon coming up. I got a few chores done before we headed off to Jack's party.

Then last night I met up with some friends:

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