Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding update & GLR weekend

Wedding Update:

19 days to go! I can hardly believe how soon I'll be a Campbell! I have my dress, my jewelry, my shoes. He has khaki's & a white shirt. We talked with our officiate last night to discuss some details and we are all set with her. The photographer is booked and all paid for. Last week we picked up his ring. Hair appointment is made. The only things I have left to do is order my flowers (I'm hoping to do that Monday) and decide on how I want my makeup (I'll do that myself). Pat is going to get our marriage license on Friday. Things are falling into place, and life is good!

Great Lakes Relay:

Tonight I'm heading up North for GLR. I'm running on a team with some of the other Northville Road Runners. 10 of us will be running a total of 277.95 miles over three days. My portion will total to 26.4 miles. Day 1 we start between Rogers City & Onaway and finish in McKinley. Day 2 we start from McKinley and finish up in Grayling. Day 3 will finish in Empire on beach. On Day three I have a water crossing, I can't wait!

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