Friday, August 10, 2012


The downfall of not inviting anyone to your wedding is that there is no one to take pictures. We did hire a professional photographer who should be getting us a few pictures next week so we can show family when we have a reception on the 18th.

We had a blast on our wedding weekend. I couldn't have asked for things to work out any better.

We left Friday morning & headed up to the UP. We stopped in Mackinac City and had pasties. They were so good. Then we continued our way up to Munising to pick up our race packets for the Grand Island Half Marathon. After that we headed to brother & sister-in-law's house. It was so great to see them & their kids. We had a calm evening since we had to get up early to run the next day.

I can't express in words how beautiful Grand Island is. It might be the most beautiful spot in Michigan. The race was a smaller one with little frills. The course was fairly flat with one really tough mile of sandy beach and a few hills immediately following that. The sand did my calf in and it was slow going for that mile & the one after that. I started running 8:45's then quickly fell to almost 11 min mile. A walk/run combo will do that. I was determined though & ended up finishing just under 2:18. Not a PR by far but I was just out there for fun. After the race we went over to the cabin of a friend of my SIL and we had a cookout. It was a great way to celebrate after the run.

On Sunday we hung out at the house, went into town for some lunch and to walk around an art fair. We had a picnic outside for dinner but some rain moved in. We put up a screen tent with hopes of keeping the rain off of us but we all got a little wet.

Monday was a long time in the car. Both Pat & I were getting frustrated and wanted the ride to be over with. We had a nice lunch in Petosky that brightened our moods a bit. Then we fought traffic through Traverse City to get to the flower shop to pick up my bouquet. It was just what I had in mind:

On Tuesday we woke up to clouds. It was a little chilly & windy. We had a great breakfast at the B&B we were staying at then we walked to the beach to write love letters to each other. Our officiant suggested that we write each other a love letter then we put them in a box and we seal the box. Then on our 5th wedding anniversary we open the letters & write a new one. Pat & I talked about maybe doing it every year instead of every 5 years. I thought it was a great idea & a great reminder of why we love each other.

Then it was back to the B&B for lunch, leftovers from dinner the night before. I thought it would be a good idea for us to get a couples massage so I made up afternoon appointments at Spa Amira at the Homestead. We loved it! I wish I could go back right now! I dropped Pat back at the B&B and headed back to the Homestead, this time heading to the Salon. This is the masterpiece that Jessica created:
The hounds tooth flower was my something borrowed. I had asked Grace, my step-daughter, if she had something that I could wear so she would know that we were thinking of her on our wedding day.

We headed over to the trial head at Pyramid Point at 7pm and met up with our witnesses & photographer. We hired Tina from Becker Photographic to take our pictures and she was great to work with. I can't wait to see the pictures!

The ceremony was short & sweet & romantic & just perfect! We had a great sunset & took a lot of pictures. I had hopes of going to the beach for more pictures but we were running out of time & daylight. We took a few more pictures on the walk down and once we got into a clearing we saw the full moon coming up. We did decide to get a few more pictures at one more old school house that was on the way back to the main road. Tina had a light that she set up and we did just a few more shoots before calling it a night.

We were starving and most places in town were closed so we went to a greasy diner called Arts. There was a table of two couples sitting near us and the waitress came over to tell us that they had picked up our tab. That was so sweet of them.

On our first day as a married couple we went on a hike at Alligator hill, then headed to the beach in Empire for a few hours. It was perfect!

On Thursday it was back to the grind and I've been going non-stop ever since. I'm hoping to sleep in one of these days this weekend.

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