Monday, September 24, 2012

Dances with Dirt

I'm so, so sore today. I Danced with Dirt on Saturday and I can't believe how much it beat up my ego!
Dances with dirt is a 50K or 50 Mile Ultra, OR a 100K relay. I ran the relay with 4 other people. It's advertised as the Bloodied, Boned, Bruised & Burned series. It takes place in Hell, MI. Each team member is required to run 3 legs, the legs vary from 2.4 miles to 7.04 miles. They have names such as "Buttslider", "Purgatory", "Stripper Pole", "Styx, River of Death", & "Vertigo". One leg runs through a swamp that sometimes requires a second person to help you out, another has multiple river crossings and ends running through a river, and "Everything's Bovine" goes through a mud hole. It certainly was gruelling, but it was also so much fun!
Dances with Dirt Cake for desert Friday night.

The Shirts

Bags packed & ready to go...3 pairs of shoes, 3 outfits, sweats, water, & snacks.

The line of porta-potties at the Start/Finish

Dan coming in from his first leg.

Dan tagged off to Ryan.

Myself, Dan, Ryan & Doug, waiting for Mellissa to come in from the swamp

Mellissa after "This Sucks"

The mud

The mud was to benefit the Pinckney HS Cross Country Team, donations were taken and runners were cleaned up. Here they are power washing the shoes.

Mellissa adding her shoes to the line up.

The bath tubs

Me after my toughest leg, "Vertigo", 7.04 miles of rugged ups & downs. I earned that beer.

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