Friday, September 21, 2012

Good & Bad

Two weekends ago was an awesome weekend...Pat & I both placed in the Witch's Hat 5K, then we had a great time in East Lansing. We really enjoyed each other company.

Last weekend was one of those weekends that I'm glad is behind me. We had a really nice time with some friends on Friday night but I was out way past my bedtime. Which is normally 10:30pm ish, but on a race night, which it was, I like to be in bed at 9:30-10. I didn't get to bed until 11:30 and I was hurting the next morning. I was tired, my body felt stiff & sore, & my stomach just didn't feel right. I was still determined to run so I headed off to my race. I never made it out of my car. I just didn't have the energy and I didn't want to be miserable during a race. So I went home & headed back to bed. I ended up sleeping until12:30...not like me at all! Since I slept in, I also ended up missing the football game that Grace was cheering at. So even after well needed rest I was crabby. Hubby to the rescue! He & I went to "Alpaca Day" that was held at a local Alpaca Ranch that is owned by one of his friends. How can you not smile while being around cute, furry animals!?! Then I had a little girl time both in the evening & the next day. I met Jody for dinner in Novi, we had a lot of catching up to do. Then the next morning I had a well needed brunch with two of my besties.

This week has been just kind of a blah week but I'm hoping for things to pick up again this weekend.

Tonight is a dinner with some friends to kick off "Dances with Dirt" also know as DWD. Pat & I are both running the 100K relay on two seperate teams. It's a race that I've always wanted to do but never had a team. The race sounds pretty gueling...swamps, pickers, & poison ivy. Should definitely be an adventure!

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