Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's beginning to look at lot like FALL...

It sure has gotten colder here. Temperatures have dipped into the 30's and I had to bring out my winter coat, hats, & gloves. Part of me is excited for this change, but part of me just wants to go into hibernation now & not come out until Spring.

I'm not usually a huge fan of TV. I do have a few shows that I like to watch but I usually try to just stick to one or two shows at a time so I don't feel like sitting around in front of the tv is all that I do. But lately, there has been so many good shows to get caught up on. I finally watched Downton Abbey and I'm so excited for the next season to air here in January. Homeland & Dexter are back on Showtime and so far I'm loving Homeland and on the fence about Dexter. I'm not sure that I like the direction that it's heading into but that could all change. Then on Sunday Season 3 of The Walking Dead starts and next week American Horror Story starts. I've been meaning to check out The Mindy Project, but haven't had a chance yet. Oh, and I love Parks & Rec. It's good stuff. What are your favorite shows?

This cooler weather has been good for running. I've been getting more miles than normal in and it feels good. I had a great track workout last Tuesday and plans for more long runs this weekend. Next weekend I'll be running the Detroit 1/2 marathon.

I've also been trying to get back to the pool a few times a week. I only got in once last week and I've been once this week. It's always nice to get a lunchtime workout in.

We've been taking lots of walks in the woods lately too. It just so pretty & peaceful. We found a little unmarked trail that isn't too far from our house and hooks onto the trails at Brighton Rec. It's been a nice change to take the dog for a walk there instead of the usual neighborhood walk. We'll have to stop that as soon as hunting season starts but I'm hoping we can still get a few winter walks in there.

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