Friday, October 5, 2012

Three cheers for Friday!

I love Fridays and the end of the work week! It's been a pretty easy work week & seemed to go by pretty quickly. Sometime I feel like time is just going by way to fast and I never have time to get anything done on my to-do list.

Weekdays are crazy busy with work, workouts, & kid stuff. Weekends are sometimes more of the same, just no work.

Last weekend was one of those then went by too quick (I know it a little late for a recap, but here it goes)...

Friday night was Brighton High School's Homecoming. Grace wanted to go so Pat & I took her & one of her friends. Jack headed up their earlier with a friend. We were going to leave early but ended up staying for the whole thing.

Saturday morning, I was up early & out the door for a 9am run with my friends from NRR at Maybury. I love running at Maybury. The trails are relatively easy, and there is a nice loop of 5 or 6 miles. I only ran 5 since I had a longer run planned on Sunday. After the run I headed over to my parents house to get a shower in before meeting up with girls at Bar Louie. It was nice to have "girl talk" and I was digging my turkey burger & tater tots (I ran so I felt I deserved it!). We also did a little shopping while we were out (The Bar Louie that we met at is in a mall). I bought a new pair of jeans since my favorite pair has a hole.

Late afternoon we headed back to the High School since Grace was cheering. Pat had one of his volunteer duties and was the announcer of the game, he did an awesome job.

Then we had an easy dinner of grilled cheese & tomato soup and relaxed.

Sunday I was up early again for a loop of Kensington. Megan met me for the 8.4 miles. It was slow going, but I felt great and not tired. I ran errands for a while after while Pat went to Jack's baseball game & practice.

 Sunday evening was a birthday party for our niece who turned 20.

And now to end Friday by sharing two new favorites:
This razor is awesome! It came in one of birchboxes and I finally tried it out. So smooth!

And new running shoes always make me happy, especially when they are a fun color!

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