Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where is Spring!?!

It's been a while since my last post and at some point I'll explain why I wasn't blogging. Until then, it's Day 2 of Spring and those spring-like temps are no where to be found. It was snowing yesterday & again it's snowing today. And even worse, it was a bitter 16 out this morning. It's been a long, emotional Winter for me and I've been longing for warmer sunshiny weather to brighten things up. Even if just for a day.

Until then, I'm going to focus on happy things....

This guy always knows how to put a smile on my face.

While I haven't seen signs of flowers popping up outside, one of my besties sent me these beauties...

 And one of the newer loves of my life, my juicer. My favorite so far is apple, kale, celery, cucumber, & lemon. I also juiced some blood oranges last weekend that were so ridiculously good.

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