Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Around here...

After years of talking about it, I finally bought myself a new laptop. I got an HP Envy and I'm really excited to have a reliable computer at home again. I'm hoping it will make for more frequent blogging since life is constantly changing and there is so much I want to document.

In the meantime...
I got a new computer at work and I've been working out the kinks. It's always a challenge when you lose programs or documents and have to waste time searching for them. We up graded from Windows XP to Windows 7 so that takes time to learn too.

The kids are full swing into Spring sports. Jack made the Freshman baseball team and has 6 games a week (double headers 3 days a week). Grace is dancing one day a week and playing volleyball two days a week. She did great in her first ever Volleyball game after only two practices so I'm looking forward to seeing her progress over the season.

My bestie talked me into another marathon. I'll be running lucky #13 (Marine Corps) this October in DC. After a brutal winter, I'm thrilled that it's starting to be perfect running weather. Now if only I can keep progressing with the miles. It's been helping that I've been running at lunch.

Another one of my besties just got back from a trip to Hong Kong & Perth and I met her for brunch last Sunday to hear all about it. I love brunch with friends, especially when I haven't see them in a while.

Now that warmer weather is approaching the thought of summer vacations is coming to mind. Pat is running a relay up North in June that I will go to & then I'll be running GLR again this year. I'm hoping we can get a camping trip in there too.

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