Friday, April 26, 2013

In training...

Some friends of mine talked me into running my 13th marathon, Marine Corps, in October. Since I haven't been running much I decided I better start training now. I'm very loosely following Hal Higdon's Intermediate half marathon training plan, then I'll go into the Run Less, Run Faster marathon training plan. This week has been week 2 and I'm tired, very tired. I've learned that the key to getting through this is to plan ahead. I've done well this week with packing my lunches the night before as well as my running bag. It saves me having to do it in the morning and allows me a few more minutes of sleep. I have a friend who works near my work and we've been meeting at lunch for runs. This has been huge for me. I tend to get burnt out easily when all of my evenings are consumed with running. Running at lunch two days a week lets me have those evenings free. I feel more productive at work too. The downfall to it is having to look (and smell) like I didn't run. Baby wipes are my lifesaver.

This is what I've done so far:
Monday - 4 miles - ran at lunch
Tuesday - 5.5 miles, ran with my running club
Wednesday - 0, was supposed to run at lunch but it was raining, then snowing.
Thursday - 4 miles, 1 mile warm up then club 5k run

So I'm at 13.5 miles for the week so far.

This is what I'm hoping for:
Friday - 3.5 miles at lunch
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - off, cheering my husband on at the Toledo marathon

The plan has me running 18, but I should have 23 miles in for the week.

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