Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Making a list & checking it twice...

No, it's not Christmas & I'm not Santa. But I am packing my bags for the Great Lakes Relay this weekend. My team is leaving Thursday night and heading up to Indian River, MI for the night. I'll have a 4:30am wake up call on Friday for the start of day 1 which takes us through the Pigeon River Forest. By the end of the day, my 10 person team will have covered 106.20 miles. Then we do it all over again Saturday (100.7 miles) and Sunday (77.55 miles).

So what's on my list...
- 5 running outfits (one for each leg), I pack the whole outfit (socks, shorts, sports bra, & top) in a 2 gallon zip lock bag. That way I can just grab a bag while sleep deprived and limited for time and I'm all set to go. When my leg is done I can just throw my clothes back into the bag until I can rinse them out at the end of the day

-Two pairs of running shoes.

-Sweats...comfy long pants & a sweatshirt for early morning/late night if there is a chill in the air

-casual shorts/tank for when not running. I'll be the first runner done after day 1 and I want to be comfortable


-bathing suit, we finish at Lake Michigan

-Toiletries, just taking the basics...face wash, shampoo/conditioner, brush, hair ties, toothbrush/paste

-two small towels, one large one (to wipe the sweat off, then to cover up while I do a change-a-roo)

-baby wipes (to get the stink off until I can get to a shower)

-Garmin, so I don't get lost on the course

-Garmin charger, phone charger, camera

-Body glide

-Hat/Sunglasses/Sunscreen, gotta protect yo-self from the sun

-Bug spray, I make my own with witch hazel & peppermint oil

-I'm dealing with a calf/shin/Achilles issues (tendinitis?) so I'm taking a muscle roller, an ice pack, compression socks, & tape.

-Food: cereal, apples, bananas, energy bars, tuna packets, turkey jerky, pretzels, trail mix

-Drinks, water, hammer heed, coconut water, Starbucks bottled iced coffee drinks

Am I missing anything?

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