Friday, June 19, 2015

Life Lately

Hi there! We've been busy adjusting to our new normal. We just finishing our 4th week with the little man. We have good days & we have feisty days. I like to call him my little vampire. I want him to stay little and oh so cute for a lot longer than I know he will be, but I'm ready for those needle teeth to go. He'll play very well with us or by himself, then out of no where he wants to suck our blood. Not really, he just wants to play but he wants to play rough. We are still keeping the dog separated for play time, partly because of how rough he can be. He doesn't take no for an answer. Brady's has snapped several times and while I think he is doing us a favor, I don't want to risk an injury (to anyone...human or dog!). I had asked the vet about their relationship and she mentioned to start walking the two together as soon as Remy has his last shots. He gets those shots next Wednesday and I can't wait. We will be able to start taking him to public places and he can start meeting more people and dogs. We are taking a family vacation that following weekend so that should be an interesting adventure too.

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