Monday, June 1, 2015

Remy - Life with a puppy, Week 1

The idea started a while ago to get another dog. Brady, my beloved Brittany, is quickly approaching 9 years. That's 63 in dog years. He's happy & mostly healthy. I say mostly because the poor guy is covered in fatty tumors. He's been checked multiple times by the vet and nothing to be concerned about. I'm sometimes a pessimist and all of this got me thinking about how the old boy is starting to slow down and I don't know how much more time I'll have with my best friend. I wanted him to have a friend that he can enjoy while he still has energy & spunk. I wanted him to help train & influence a wee little one. Then it all fell into place and last Saturday we picked up our new addition.

Meet Remington, aka Remy:

I took a week off of work to help all of us get adjusted. It's been filled with puppy kisses, needle teeth piercings, snapping, snuggles, joy & trying moments. Puppies are a lot of work. I did research and went based off of previous puppy experience and we've been crating him. He needs the sleep & we all need a break periodically.

Brady isn't too sure of him yet. This has been the hardest part for me. On the first day home Brady snapped at Remy and Remy yelped that high horrible yelp several times in a row and took off running away. I know dogs are dogs, but by the reaction I thought that Brady may have really hurt him. I decided to take the being patient approach and now we monitor them closely but we make sure that they are around each other to figure things out.

One of my favorite things is teaching the Remy the "come" command. It's so sweet to see him run towards me and jump into my arms. He's catching on pretty quick. I try to work with him 10-15 minutes a day. I encourage him to sit & wait in his crate before letting out. He's doing fairly well on this too.

On Wednesday he goes to the vet for round #2 of his puppy shots. I'm anxious for him to have all of his shots so we can start taking him more & more places. Even though we have a larger yard, it can be hard getting him exercise & having him learn new places/experiences when we also have to keep him safe from potential illness & disease.

Potty training is going okay too. I've learned from reading not to punish when he has accidents but to praise when he does it right. We crate him often but sometimes when he starts crying (after being quiet for a while), I'll take him out to go potty, then put him back in.

He's sleeping well at night. He's only been waking once, usually between 4-5:30 am to go out to the bathroom. I know in time his little bladder will grow and he'll be able to make it even longer.

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