Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend Recap - Saturday

FB works the door at a bar on Friday night so he doesn't get home until 3am. I don't know how he does it because that is WAY past my bed time! I often crash at his place and take advantage of sleeping in. We usually end up sleeping in until 10am on these days which is really a rarity for me. Last Saturday, I was up at 8 so I could a shower in and get ready for the day. It was a long one. About 9am, FB got up and we set off to run some errands....getting gas, going to the bank, and the oh-so important quest of getting food. I like to eat. We went to the local donut shop and got coffee & bagels, and donuts too. Donuts are another rarity for me but I figured I was going to burn off all the calories from it running the next day. When we got back to FB's, J was there waiting for us to head off to the Michigan game. It had been over a year since I had last been in the big house and I was looking forward to going back. We had awesome seats on the 50-yard line. The game was a complete blow-out with UofM beating Delaware State 63-6. Oh, well! After the game we headed back downtown so the guys could pick up their packets for the race. Both guys ended up having some issues getting their packets and had to go talk to customs to get them. J because he failed to get a passport or enhanced license, FB was just a random screening. I was hoping to head back to Greektown for another yummy dinner. I managed to talk them into going and we hopped on the people mover. However, when we got to Greektown all the guys had their eyes (or stomach) on was the Buffet at the Greektown Casino. Not my favorite way to eat a meal but I figured that it would make them happy so I agreed. I stuck mostly to the pasta and salad. After dinner we made our way home and started to prep for the race the next day. Then it was an early night since we had to be up at 5am.

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