Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Oikos yogurt - I love this stuff. Yogurt & honey is just bliss.

I've been trying to give my body a rest from running since I ran two marathons in 20 days and I've got another one coming up in less than two months. Last night I decided to hit up the Latin Fusion class at Lifetime Fitness. I was a little unsure at first since I'm no JLo, but I loved it! We did a lot of hip shaking and salsa steps. It was so nice to get a workout without pounding the pavement.

Tonight's workout is a fun run, the Wayne County Lightfest 8K. It's a nice little race with little perks, other than getting to view the holiday light show before it's open to cars. I'm not looking forward to standing around in 45 degree weather waiting for the race to start, but I'm definitely looking forward to the warm food afterwards!

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