Monday, December 21, 2009

Twas the weekend before X-mas, Part 1

Oh, man did I have a good weekend! I'm certainly feeling it today too, I woke up late and still am feeling exhausted! It all started on Friday at lunch. Well kind of. My friends Tern and Lego drove up from Tennessee to visit for the weekend. Big Red was hanging with them for the day on Friday so I talked her into bringing them to Ann Arbor for lunch. We went to Teriyaki Time so BR could experience the Bi Bim Bop that I love. The boys were quite entertaining.

After work I headed over to PB's house to hang with the gang for a while. Since I've been sick I wanted to take it easy and have a relatively early night. BR, Tern, Lego, & I grabbed dinner from Qdoba, ran a few errands for PB's party, then got working on more jello shots. Sample a jello shot, make a batch, repeat. I was bummed to have to leave an miss out on a trip to the D but thankful that I got to get some good sleep.

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  1. Hi there. New visitor and I love your blog. I was especially moved by your honesty about your divorce. I'm also a runner (newbie) so there's that too! Happy holidays. :)