Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

I've been on a good role with my workouts. On Friday, I started out the day with a half hour swim before work. In the evening, Big Red and I took the dog on a short 2 mile run. We dropped him off with my parents and we continued on another mile to a casual Mediterranean restaurant with the best garlic sauce ever. The vampires definitely stayed away from me all weekend. We've made a habit of this Friday routine. I was home by 8pm, I got my running clothes out, put new music on my ipod, and went to bed early.

Saturday was the Martian Marathon. I ran the half along with 3 other friends, while my friend Dan ran the full. It was a little chilly to start but it was great weather for running. I finished around 1:53. Dan ended up qualifying for Boston so we were all so excited for him. I headed to FB's for the evening and we went to his brother's house for a bbq.

On Sunday I met up with my friend Chris to go biking. We ended up going 35 miles. I was thinking that I was going to be so sore this morning but I actually feel great. I got to meet Big Red & our friend Burrito for Sushi before heading home to relax for the night with FB.

It was a good weekend!!!!

Here the last few workouts:
Thurs: am: 50/50 class at Lifetime, pm: 8.2 mile run
Fri: am: 1/2 hr swim, pm: 3 mile run
Sat: 13.1 mile run
Sun: 35 mile bike

Next up for races is the Dooby Du Duathlon next Sunday near Toledo, OH. The weekend after that is the Country Music 1/2 Marathon.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a great weekend workout. I had a friend BQ at Martian also. Glad to see another MI blogger.