Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The last week

Busy, busy, busy!

Still not back to regular workouts after my calf injury but it's getting better every day.

Here's a quick recap of the last few days:

Thursday - Date night! It's usually Wed, but FB had to work for someone so it was switched around. I had a really good veggie pot pie and salad for dinner. Then we went to play basketball. For me that was just standing in one spot and shooting baskets. Then we hit up the hot tub. We were in bed earlier than usual on date night since we were exhausted!

Friday - I invited my Mom over for dinner and made Salmon burgers. She brought her potato salad that I love! After she left I went to work on putting together the dining room buffet that I bought from Ikea. Heavy storms rolled through and rain started leaking into the apartment. Emergency Maintenance came and said they couldn't do anything yet but would get a contractor in.

Saturday - FB turned 30!!! I spent the morning wrapping presents, making cupcakes, and watching a Lifeguarding video. Then I headed to FB's house. We went out of the boat for a few hours, then met up with his parents for dinner at Mally's in Southgate. It was on Man vs. Food and he wanted to check the place out. He lost to a 3 lb burger! I had the black bean burger of normal proportion. Then we went to the Greektown Casino where he proceeded to win $30 play craps. We capped the night off by meeting up with some friends at Gino's Luna Kai in St. Clair Shores.

Sunday - I headed home after breakfast worried of what I was going to walk into since we once again had bad weather Saturday night. The apartment was dry, but the power was out. I took the Lifeguarding Video over to my parents and watched it all day. I did take two breaks for meals, then a longer break to finish putting together the buffet with my Dad's help.

Monday - Training at work (blah!), then met a friend for dinner at one of my favorite Indian restaurants.

Tuesday - Lifeguard class. I decided to get certified since I'm around water a lot between trying to train for triathlons and being out on FB's boat. We went over all the material that was on the video, practiced CPR, saving a choking victim, & first aid. Then we got in the water and had to swim 300 meters. The fun stuff was practicing different rescues in the water, including ones for spinal victims.

Tonight is the next class for Lifeguarding and we will be going over what we've learned so far. Also, we will be learning how to use the backboard for rescues.

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