Friday, August 27, 2010

Ithaca, part II

Sunday in NY started out with a trail run in the Danby State Forrest with my sister, Karen. I'm not entirely sure how far the run was but it was a grueling hour & a half up & down steep hills. The reward at the finish was homemade scones and coffee that Monica made. After food and showers we headed off to the finger lakes wine country. It was so beautiful! I really enjoyed the wine at Red Newt and was disappointed that they couldn't ship to Michigan.

The map of our run, we cut a bit of it out.

The amazing cream scones with choke cherry goodness:

A stop at a waterfall on the way out of town.

First stop: Lamoreaux Landing

Stop 2: Red Newt Cellars

Finger Lakes Distillery.

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  1. that color looks beautiful on you!

    you are beautiful, period.