Friday, January 29, 2010


Single digit temps in the Detroit area this am. Not fun! The weekend is warming up, but not by much. High's in the 20's.

I made it to the 5:15am cycling class today. I really needed to work out some nervous energy. The bank that owns the house that I made an offer on is asking for a "biggest & best" offer today by 4pm. This means that there has been several offers and I'm so worried that someone is going to out bid me. I REALLY like that house. But I've got a few others lined up to look at Saturday so I'm sure that something will work out in due time.

I'm meeting Big Red and some other friends tonight for Sushi. BR is off to Florida for 3 weeks and this will be my last time to hang with her before her vacation. I've got a few movies that are ready for me from the library so I'll probably just be chillin' on the couch with Brady after dinner.

Saturday will probably be another early morning so I can get a cycling class in. I'm hoping to relax/nap before I meet up with my realtor in the afternoon to go look at more houses. I'm planning to get to the pool Saturday evening before another night on the couch with a movie.

On Sunday I'm meeting Jill again for a run at Kensington, then off to the East Side to see FB. We have FB's work holiday party Sunday night so it will be an interesting Monday morning.

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