Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running: Training

Two for Tuesday!

I've been really motivated with my running since finishing the Goofy Challenge. I took a week off after the race and have slowly been easing back into it. My goal is start logging my miles and to be more aware of my weekly mileage. I'm aiming to get 1,000 miles in total in 2010, which averages out to about 83.33 miles a month, or 19.23 a week (I'm a math geek). Last Saturday I met my friend Jill out at Kensington which is one of my favorite places to run. It's one of the Detroit Metro Parks and has a paved 8 mile loop. We ran it at about an 8:50/mile pace. I was working hard for that pace but it was definitely do-able. Jill & I are hoping to get down to 8:30's. I used to be able to run at that pace but started running marathon after marathon and my pace just got slower & slower. Sunday I was out at FB's and ran 4.25 miles in the cold rain. My body was sore from Saturday so it was slow, but it felt so good to do it. Yesterday morning I got up with Miss 3D (my roommate who just got selected as 1 of 10 sponsored athletes for 3 Disciplines racing), and we took on the 5:30am Studio Cycling class at the gym. In the evening I met up with Big Red and got about 4 miles in. Again, my body felt sore & tired. I'm house hunting tonight so it may end up being my day off but I'm hoping to get 3 easy miles in.

My week so far:
Su: 4.25
M: 1 hour cycling, 4 miles

My plan for the rest of the week:
Tu: 3 miles
W: 5 miles
Th: 5 miles at pace
Fr: off
Sa: 14 miles

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  1. House hunting is a work out in and of itselt! Both physically and mentally. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great job on the hour spin work out. Those always kick my butt!