Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Workout Wednesday

In my attempt to get back into running and my dislike for the Wednesday morning cycling instructor, I decided to run on the treadmill. I ran 5 miles. It felt great! I'm hoping more of this starts to happen. I've found that morning workouts fit in my life best, but it takes planning and an early nights sleep. I put my running & work clothes out last night, and I made my lunch. What a difference that makes.

Tonight is date night, not sure what we'll do yet. I open to any suggestions (hint, hint).

Once again, the house I made an offer on went to biggest & best. I found this out Monday evening and once again upped my offer. I haven't heard back yet. Nothing of interest has popped up on this weeks listings either. I'm staying positive.

Just realized I hadn't blogged since last Friday. The weekend was a really good one that went by way to fast. My friend Maura was in town for the weekend so I hung out with her and her Mom on Friday. I really miss having her around! On Saturday we got up early and did two classes at the gym. The first was a barbell class that was a ton of fun! The second was not so fun for me, an intermediate step class. I used to do step classes regularly but it's been a few years. I almost fell twice and it took until the end of class to finally pick up the sequence. Then we went off the help set up for out friend Diane's wedding. I'm amazed at all the work that Diane did! She made her own centerpieces! Here's a picture of the room when we were almost finished setting everything up:
The wedding was beautiful! I'll get some pictures of that up next. And I got home at a decent time. Sunday was a day for errands and to be lazy. FB & I did watch the USA vs. Canada hockey game, what a great game! I just wish it had a different outcome!

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  1. Is that St. Johns? I had my wedding shower there! So beautifu!