Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Country Music Marathon

Part of the reason for the trip to TN was to run the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon. It's fun to make a vacation out of a race and have the experience to run in different cities. We got into Murfreesboro, TN late Thursday night, well, it was actually Friday morning. We sleep in on Friday, got lunch at Blue Coast Burrito, then headed into Nashville. On the way in we got stuck in traffic and could see people walking around with their race bags.

The drive in

We decided to first check into our hotel, which was the Doubletree Downtown. It was very nice and was only a few blocks from the expo and also from the finish line at LP field.

Outside of the expo

With our race numbers

Big Red checking out the fitting rooms

The night before the race we went to dinner at TGI Friday's. I was in bed by 10pm but didn't sleep very well. I was having a dream that I missed the start of the race. We were up early and decided to jog to the start of the race instead of taking a shuttle. The start was 2 miles away but it was a nice, easy warm up. Tennessee was due for bad weather that day so the ended up starting the race 15 mins early. I felt great the first two miles, then the hills & humidity got to me. I was miserable. I ended up finishing in 2:00:37, 10 minutes slower than what I was hoping for. I guess you can't always have a good race. Besides the weather and not doing as well as I liked, I think it was a great race. The Rock N Roll series always do a good job and have well organized races. There were plenty of friend volunteers along the course. I'd recommend it, but I'd also recommend doing lots of hill work beforehand.

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